Barron County Municipalities

The map below displays municipal boundaries in Barron County. Click on a section to learn the name of the city, village or town. The map is interactive, so you may zoom in and out and pan left or right. You can also search for specific addresses or places and change the basemap.

Links to Communities

City of Rice Lake                        Village of Cameron                         City of Chetek
City of Barron                             Village of Turtle Lake                      Village of Dallas
City of Cumberland                    Village of Haugen                            Village of Prairie Farm

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Median Household Net Worth

The map below depicts median household net worth. Zoom in closer to Barron County or search for a particual address or place to see how certain areas in the county measure up.

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Barron County Economic Development Corporation

335 East Monroe Ave, Rm 2311
Barron County Government Center
Barron, WI 548122

Office: 715-637-6871
Toll Free: 1-800-529-4148
Cell: 715-790-1327